Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal Contest Winners

Winners of the 2012 Hope Springs Eternal Contest

Congratulations to all of our authors for writing such fantastic entries.  The public voting was extremely tight between first and third, not to mention about five ties for fourth place.  You should all be extremely proud of your stories.

Thanks to Christag_Banner for all of her hard work at making these banners.


First Place - Cherry Blossoms and Second Chances by BestScentEver

Second Place - Saving Mary by KatieCav 

Third Place - TIE  - Contact by Evieeden

Third Place - TIE - Monster in My Room by Lacrimosa Moon


First Place - Contact - by Evieeden 

Second Place - Even Griffey Doesn't Always Get A Home Run by SqueakyZorro

Third Place - Monster in My Room by Lacrimosa Moon


Host's Choice - Lost and Found by RisbeenColdplaywhore

Best Use of Prompt/Theme -  Contact - by Evieeden 

Author Reveal
Contact by Evieeden
Give Me a Reason To Live by Deslyncullen
Even Griffey Doesn't Always Get a Home Run by SqueakyZorro
In My Dreams And Beyond by Michaela07
No Need To Say Goodbye by Faerie Kitten
Lost and Found by Risbeencoldplaywhore
Meteor Shower Across The Night Sky  by MusicalWritingBookworm
No Matter What by SqueakyZorro
Guns and Needles by Celesticbliss
The Moment of Truth in Your Lies by Letzigprincess
Saving Mary by katiecav
No Regrets In Forbidden Love by Earthprincess4
Two Souls in Stillness Wait by Unfamiliar Faces
The Monster in My Room by Lacrimosa Moon

Thanks again to everyone who participated.  

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